We are excited to announce that our new cd “No Time” will be ready real soon! Here is a short presentation of our new work, filmed and directed by Artemis Anastasiadou…!

2015 has been a busy year for discography, and it seems that most of the albums will be ready for this fall and winter 🙂

Apart from preparing our own “No Time” Cd, the new cd by Magnanimus Trio, i am delighted to have participated in some wonderful and innovative projects of great artists and friends.

Efren’s Lopez debut solo cd “El Fill de Llop” is one of them (well debut…, after having produced more than 60 cds with other groups 🙂 ), and you can here in the audio extract a very nice intro for 6 neys we have made with Efren for the piece “Plaerdemavida”.

Then comes amazing Zohar Fresco, and his first personal album “Tof Miriam” where i had the joy and honour to record for 3 of his tracks.

Both with Efren and Zohar we are continuing our collaboration present their new work in concerts with “Abracadabra” group and “Zohar Fresco Quartet“.

Last, but not least, come the upcoming records of “La Banda del Pepo” from Murcia (Se de un Lugar) and also a debut album from “Milo ke Mandarini” (La Vereda de la Gitana) band from Toledo-Spain (Carlos Ramírez & Isabel Martín).

2016 is also anticipated to be a busy year with a forthcoming duet cd, amongst other plans, with Murat Aydemir on the Tanbur, with the participation of Ahmet Erdogdular in 2 songs.

Jordi Alsina has given an interview in the Spanish “Radio Nacional 3” about the situation in Greece, also presenting various musicians from Greece/Crete, amongst others Psarogiorgis, Giorgos Manolakis, Kelly Thoma and Neda

You can hear in this link the whole interview (Neda appears in minute 40′)

You can also check & support his verkami page, where he presents his new project for a new book on Greece & Crete, written in Catalan!


Next Tuesday, 18th August, at Swedish Radio P2 Live www.sverigesradio.se/P2 Live Folk och Världsmusik, there will be a broadcast from Neda ‘s concert from last April in Stallet/ Stockholm.

The second part will be broadcasted two weeks later, Tuesday 1st September. The program begins at 19.03 Swedish time (20.03 Greek time) The concert will start around 19.45 (20.45).

Note that the program can be listen to from the website, 30 days after the first broadcast.

In this video you can see Neda playing “Hikmet” in a sound check in another place in Stockholm, Sofia Church, also from a concert last april in Sweden. Composition by Giwrgos Papaioannou, video shooting by Pavlos Spyropoulos!

Monday 13th of July will be the beginning of the 13th annual Summer Music Seminars in ‪Labyrinth Musical Workshop‬ in Crete / Greece. I will be teaching this first week a seminar entitled “The instrument as a voice” where, in a music group studying modal musics from Balkans and Middle-East we will research, how the concept of singing (both physically and metaphysically) can inform and inspire the practice of every musician, be it instrument playing, interpretation of score music, improvisation, composition etc.

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Next Saturday 13.06 we will be in Larisa / North Greece,with Dimitris Tasoudis, for a workshop about improvisation in music and also a night concert. We will be playing in Duet in the terrace of “Klimax” right next to the wonderful ancient open theater of Larisa under a starry sky! If you happen to be around we will be glad to see you there 🙂

Christos Barbas Dimitris Tasoudis Improvisation Proect

Last March I spend 10 full days in Israel, with Zohar Fresco, rehearsing, recording and performing for his new project “Zohar Fresco Quartet”. Here you can enjoy a video from our last concert in ‘Elma’ in Zichron Yaakov. It’ s one of the amazing compositions of Zohar’s, with a strong rhythmic element. ‘Ma-ne-gi-na’ is the word he uses to describe & articulate this world of complex polyrhythmic-melodies based on Middle-eastern rhythms but incorporating various other sonorities as you can listen 🙂 Enjoy!



I see teaching as a very important part of learning music and learning through music. As much as this may sound contradictory, it is not: often teachers state that “in a music lesson the one that mostly learns is the teacher himself”, and that is (or can be) very true and it is part of the way that i like to approach teaching.

seminario sant celoni
Seminar in Sant Celoni / Cataluña – November 2013

This is not to say, of course, that the teacher then is a self-centered being during the lesson, minding more about his own learning than that of his students. Quite the opposite. When someone becomes aware that musicality, technics, ideas, imagination etc, cannot be “pushed into” or “implanted” into another person’s brain or body, then he can begin to become more aware of ways he can facilitate and help the emergence of this learning.

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