A short film by Artemis Anastasiadou.
Plot: “During a short walk into the Texas fields, a mother and a daughter get confronted with their conflicting needs and desires.”
Original Music & Songs by Christos Barbas (Guitars, Neys, Voice)


End Titles for the Short Film by Artemis Anastasiadou.
Plot: “Mother Queen is throwing a party for her son’s birthday. She has prepared everything in detail in order to create the perfect party. She controls the games the children play, the way they behave, what they eat, how they dance. She is the Master, she is the Queen. But can she always have things her way? A short allegory on political power and its dubious ways…”

Trumpet: Giorgos Pavlis
Trombone: Renato Kushi
Drums: Yannis Iliakis
Accordion: Christos Barbas