Discography for 2015

2015 has been a busy year for discography, and it seems that most of the albums will be ready for this fall and winter 🙂

Apart from preparing our own “No Time” Cd, the new cd by Magnanimus Trio, i am delighted to have participated in some wonderful and innovative projects of great artists and friends.

Efren’s Lopez debut solo cd “El Fill de Llop” is one of them (well debut…, after having produced more than 60 cds with other groups 🙂 ), and you can here in the audio extract a very nice intro for 6 neys we have made with Efren for the piece “Plaerdemavida”.

Then comes amazing Zohar Fresco, and his first personal album “Tof Miriam” where i had the joy and honour to record for 3 of his tracks.

Both with Efren and Zohar we are continuing our collaboration present their new work in concerts with “Abracadabra” group and “Zohar Fresco Quartet“.

Last, but not least, come the upcoming records of “La Banda del Pepo” from Murcia (Se de un Lugar) and also a debut album from “Milo ke Mandarini” (La Vereda de la Gitana) band from Toledo-Spain (Carlos Ramírez & Isabel Martín).

2016 is also anticipated to be a busy year with a forthcoming duet cd, amongst other plans, with Murat Aydemir on the Tanbur, with the participation of Ahmet Erdogdular in 2 songs.