Neda Trio gaze



Christos Barbas: Ney, Voice
Victoria Taskou: Oud, Yayli Tanbur, Voice
Giorgos Papaioannou: Violin, Cello, Lavta
Pavlos Spyropoulos: Double Bass



Neda was created in 2012 and has been performing extensively since, in Greece and abroad. We bring a new fresh air in the area of modal and traditional music. We use our experience and knowledge from the rich musical traditions of our area, not to create a sterilized outcome, but to embody timeless sounds from the past into new and diverse compositions. All four of us compose and bring either complete compositions to the group, or some ideas and motives, which then the quartet works upon and finalizes a version, where everybody has a creative participation on the outcome.


We have allready produced 2 cds Neda (2013) and Neda’s Song (2014) which have received exceptional comments from critics and public.

Check the band’s website for more info here.


photos by Manos Mathioudakis, Manolis Tsafos