Pepo Sánchez: Voice, Lyrics
José Antonio Aarnouste: Guitarra Española
Diego López: Percussion
Jaume Pallardo: Electric Bass
Abel García: Baglama, Greek Lute, Hurdy Gurdy
Christos Barbas: Ney, Kaval & Voice


This band is coming from Murcia-Spain. It exists since 1999 and it made its first discographic appearance on 2005 with the Cd “Vengo del barrio”. Pepo is the composer, singer and “frontman” of this band, while the other members come from Valencia and Greece (that’s me!) On 2009 i participated in the recordings of the 2nd CD of ‘La Banda del Pepo’ from Spain – Murcia, which was recorded and produced by Efrén López. Now in 2015 the band goes on to record its 3 cd, named  “Coger para soltar” and i will be forming part of the band in its concert tour.

As the band says: “Pepo and his group, in this 3d project, remain faithful to a delicious fusion of mediterranean sounds,  full of the air of flamenco, with instruments, sonorities and arrangements influenced by the east; together with  lyrics brimming with life and urban aromas…!”

You can follow the band on facebook and on its website.

Here’s a taste from the forthcoming cd we present on July 21st in Festival “Mar de Musicas” de Cartagena:


  1. Tango del Buen Amor La Banda Del Pepo - Coger Para Soltar (Demo) 4:47
  2. Las Gaviotas La Banda Del Pepo - Coger Para Soltar (Demo) 5:22