Giovannangelo de Gennaro: viella, kamanché e organistrum
Peppe Frana: oud, chitarrino, robab, arpa
Adolfo La Volpe: oud, saze
Pippo D’Ambrosio: duff, riqq, darbukka, tabor e organistrum
Christos Barbasnay, bansuri, gaita, mostoles flute


Ensemble Calixtinus is a project focused on Medieval music directed by Giovannangelo De Gennaro, based in Italy/Molfetta. Its philosophy is to present Medieval music in a way that is also academically informed, but also in connection with the live musical traditions from Arabic countries, Balkans, Greece, Turkey and beyond. I have recorded with them one album (“MIRAGRE!” 2012, Digressione Music) featuring 8 of the ‘Cantigas de Santa Maria‘ as well as a traditional Arabo-andalus instrumental piece of the 13th century (Tushy Al-M’sarki). For 3 of the cantigas (Poi-las Figuras, Gran Poder, Des Oge Mais) i have composed original instrumental parts which are included in the album. Featuring in this collaboration is the multifacet and inspiring female vocal quartet Faraualla:

Gabriella Schiavone: voce
Maristella Schiavone: voce
Terry Vallarella: voce
Serena Fortebraccio: voce

We are performing in Italy and France since then, presenting the album as well as varied repertory that connects Medieval music with synchronous music from Middle East and Mediterranean cultures. We also have an ongoing collaboration with italian group Radio Dervish presenting “Viator