Efrén López: rabab, ud, fretless guitar, hurdy gurdy, bulgari, kopuz, Cretan laouto, meydan sazı, santur, nafir
Isabel Martín: vocals, bendir, square frame drum, tambourine, davul
Miriam Encinas: dilruba, vielle, cura sazı, bendir, square frame drum from Peñaparda, spoons
Carlos Ramírez: dutar, ud, bass citole, yaylı tanbur, hurdy gurdy, cura sazı, cümbüş saz, bendir
Alexandre Guitart: rabab, kopuz, bulgari, tanbur, cura sazı, bendir, tavil, square frame drum from Peñaparda
Christos Barbas: ney

Abracadabra is the new project, where prodigy multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, producer Efrén López is sharing “his own vision, on what is music“. I met Efrén López back in 2003 in Thessaloniki, right after i had got back from a year living in Spain. We immediately joined flutes and strings and since then create good music together. Projects in which we have collaborated with: Arx Al’ Andalus (2003), Aman Aman (2003-07), L’ Ham de Foc (2005-2007), Sabir, Saba, Yeden (2008-2010), Mentre estigues viu, brilla (2013-24h concert) as well as tens of concerts in Greece and Spain with various excellent musicians!
Efrén, (amongst all his other hundreds projects!) is also very busy as a teacher and i join him very often in seminars and workshops running in Spain, Valencia and Cataluña. After all we share the same musical “house” in Crete, Labyrinth Musical Workshop where we very often can be seen playing and rehearsing…!