Peppe Frana - Cremona



with Peppe Frana

Peppe Frana is a very talented musician from Italy, playing mainly lute and string instruments (oud, medieval lute, arpa, rabab) specializing in Medieval Music, Ottoman Classical, Afghan as well as many more styles and innovative genres. You can check his website here. Together we participate in Ensemble Calixtinus, and also teach in Forli – Centro Culturale Khatawat. We perform often as a duet, mixing Makam and modal Music with sonorities from the Italian Peninsula…


with Dimitris Tasoudis

Dimitris is a twin musical soul. We’ve been playing music together since 1999 and collaborated in dozens of musical projects together. At the moment we compose together in Magnanimus Trio. This duet, nevertheless, comes to stress the improvisational element in our music-making as well as the urge to experiment with sound-production, loops, effects, minimalism etc. You can check above one of our last improvisational sessions in Cue Studio / Thessaloniki.

You can hear more of Dimitri’s last projects and new compositions in his Soundcloud account.


with Evgenios Voulgaris

Evgenios is one of the leading players of Yayli Tanbur, but also plays a whole range of other instruments: Oud, Rabab, Kemenche amongst others. He is also an excellent composer and a very inspired teacher. Our ideas, for this Duet, come from older recordings from Greece and Turkey, from the beginnings of the 20th century, where instruments are played with a touch of “Folk style” and also knowledge of the classical music of Makam. Our program consists of old compositions, songs and vocal improvisations, as well as our own, new compositions, inspired from this repertory.