Nihavent Semai by Michalis Kouloumis

Here goes another great composition by our friend Michalis Kouloumis! Nihavend Semai, 10/8= Ney time for me 😃

Via Michalis: I am very excited to share with you the “Nihavend semai”, a new composition of mine, performed live by the newly-formed “Michalis Kouloumis Quintet”.
Christos Barbas – ney
Efren Lopez – oud
Nikos Avgoustides – dbass
Ruven Ruppik – riq
Michalis Kouloumis – violin, composition

Recording: Maxim van Meerhaeghe
Mixing: Efren Lopez
Video / Direction: Shalan Alhamwy
Cameras: Keder Ali, Ashti Malki, Shalan Alhamwy
Enjoy listening!