Nihavend Ayin by Christos Barbas & Labyrinth Catalunya Orchestra

In this first premiére of the newly composed Nihavend Ayin by Christos Barbas, Labyrinth Catalunya Orchestra, consisting of professional musicians and students of modal music, is interpreting the work with a formation of 11 musicians coming from different places of the Mediterranean.
Recorded on October 30th, 2020 at the Teatre Auditori Cardedeu

It’s been an absolute pleasure composing and performing the suite of compositions that we presented this night. A big thank you to Efrén López Sanz for his support preparing, playing and mixing the concert, to the Labyrinth Catalunya crew and all the musicians and technicians that participated! During these months, being able to rehearse and play with a group of friends was the most wonderful gift of all! 🙂 Thank you all!
Dedicated with gratitude and love to my – and many other people’s – teachers that have introduced us in the world of modal music, have inspired us, and continue to do so: Ömer Erdoğdular & Ross M. Daly
Isabel Martín – bendir, voice
Efrén López – kudüm
Carlos Ramírez – nak tarhu
Alexandre Guitart Luengo – tanbur, voice
Sasha Agranov ( Selva De Mar ) – cello
Alexánder Pewló – lavta
Georgi Dimitrov – kanun
Borja Camí ( Amics del Bosc ) – ney
Ibrahim Bilen – ney
Pau Puig Olives – dolçainer – ney
Christos Barbas – ney, voice, bendir
Mixed by: Efrén López
Cameras: Susanna Cabiscol, Aleix Cánovas, Pere Prat
Video edited by Aleix Cánovas
The Ayin is the largest compositional form in Ottoman Classical music, about one hour long, and its liturgical function is to accompany the Sema, the ceremony of the whirling dervishes of the Mevlevi order.
Produced by Associació Música Modal a Cardedeu / Labyrinth Catalunya
With the support of:
Ajuntament de Cardedeu
Diputació de Barcelona
Europa Creativa Cultura-España
Awakening Sleeping Instruments