Eléonore Fourniau & Labyrinth Ensemble: Kurdish & Turkish Traditional Songs

Very happy to share here an half-hour length concert that we performed with Eléonore Fourniau & Labyrinth Ensemble at Cardedeu on the 1st of November 2020! Enjoy 😉

With her rich voice and powerful performance, Eléonore Fourniau sings the people of Anatolia. Flying to Turkey in 2010 with a one-way ticket and a backpack, she fell in love with the cultural diversity of this region and spent more than 6 years studying Turkish and Kurdish music and languages.

Internationally acclaimed for the quality of her interpretation Kurdish music, she also sings in other Anatolian languages (Turkish, Laz, Armenian, etc.) She accompanies herself with a three-stringed lute, the saz, the sacred instrument for the Alevi people, and the hurdy-gurdy, a western instrument of Medieval origin which echoes the mountains of Anatolia or the plains of Mesopotamia under her fingers.

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00:00 Aşkın şarabını / Music & Lyrics: Alişer Efendi
04:47 Heyder / Traditional Kurdish song, version based on an arrangement by Cemil Qoçgiri
08:11 Evîna Veşartî / Music & Lyrics: Eléonore Fourniau
12:31 Mala we / Music & Lyrics: Seîd Yûsiv
15:59 Gesi bağları / Traditional Turkish/Greek song
22:10 Leylê tu Leylê te ye / Traditional Kurdish song
25:52 Lo Berde / Traditional Kurdish song

Recorded 1st November 2020 at Teatre Auditori Cardedeu

Eléonore Fourniau – voice, saz, hurdy-gurdy
Alexandre Guitart – tombak, bendir, saz, backing vocals
Christos Barbas – ney
Mahdi Gheitasi – daf, dohola
Ignacio Sabadell – double bass
Efrén López – ud, meydan saz, kopuz, buzuq, rabab, backing vocals
Mixed by: Efrén López
Cameras: Susanna Cabiscol, Aleix Cánovas, Pere Prat
Video edited by Susanna Cabiscol

Produced by Associació Música Modal a Cardedeu / Labyrinth Catalunya


With the support of:
Ajuntament de Cardedeu
Diputació de Barcelona
Creative Europe Program
Awakening Sleeping Instruments