Neda (2013)

Contemporary Modal Music

Christos Barbas: Ney, Voice
Victoria Taskou: Oud
Giorgos Papaioannou: Violin, Cello
Pavlos Spyropoulos:Contrabass

We are used to thinking of traditions as something old and obsolete, carrying clear or perhaps not that clear elements of conservatism. For us, however, musical traditions form a very rich and at the same time dynamic framework for our creativity to be expressed and to flourish. Α common perception that was carved at the place where we first met, at Houdetsi of Crete, at the musical workshop Labyrinth.

So, Neda was created in the spring of 2012 and it is the outcome of a long lasting friendship, a joint effort and a deep trust. In other words, it is the result of our co-apprenticeship in the world of music. Neda is a river of Peloponnese, one of the few rivers in Greece with a feminine name. Neda, in ancient Greek mythology, was one of the Nymphs who took care of Zeus, when fled to escape slaughter by his father.

The element of water, the river, is an ancient symbol that relates to strength and endurance, adaptability and continuous flow. Hence the meaning of Neda for us: bearing the power of the feminine element, to embrace and merge differences, as water connects and naturally rejuvenates everything, bringing the past and the future together into the present, where all sounds and music spring and emerge from each perpetual moment.

Neda Trio gaze

We would like to thank:

Vangelis Apostolou for his care and substantial contribution to our sound, Eleni
Lomvardou for her artistic view of Neda, as well as Manos and Giannis Mathioudakis
for the walk in Fourni and their wonderful photos. Many thanks to Peppe Frana and Paolo Veronica for the first journey of Neda to Italy and to Vassilis Chatzivassiliou for his affection and for the help he provided us through his word. We would also like to thank Giorgos Polychroniadis, and not only for his bow, Eleni Rouketa for her company, Marina & Alexis for opening up doors, Palassi, because her hug – as well as her cooking – has no limits, Alekos because he is always here, and of course, little Neda who gave us her name!

Recorded, mixed & mastered at Vasmaris Studios, Heraklion / Crete / Greece, by Vangelis
Apostolou / October 2012 – April 2013
Graphic Design: Eleni Lomvardou
Fotos: Manos & Giannis Mathioudakis, Cornilia Sidira, Dimitra Kochila
Text editing: Vassilis Chatzivassiliou
Translation to English: Thomi Gamagari
Produced by Neda