Magnanimus Trio – No Time (2016)

Magnanimus Trio
Greek Modal Jazz

Magnanimus Trio was formed back in 2010 in Thessaloniki/Greece. In their first album ‘A Cue’ (2010) the band’s members: piano & ney player Christos Barbas, drummer & pianist Dimitris Tasoudis, bassist Pavlos Spyropoulos provide “a cue” of their existence, recording live a wholly-improvised hour of music balancing between contemporary minimalistic sound and melodic soundscapes diligently formed. In their second album ‘Still Time’ (2012) they create a mixture of original compositions and improvisations that evoke cinematic auditions, introducing modal jazz elements, minute compositions & ballads for voice and kaval (wooden flute).

Their newest album ‘No Time’ (2016/AN Music) takes them a step further in defining their vision for the music of the trio: 13 original compositions where one will find, far away from chattering , precision and clarity in every note, the element of freedom from various different improvisational music worlds that connect south-european modality to mainstream music and two songs: one with lyrics borrowed from W. Shakespeare and one with original lyrics.

In “No Time” Magnanimus Trio carefully choose its sounds, blending seemingly different elements from minimalism, contemporary classical & jazz genres and sufi music, at times echoing the romantic narrations of Sigur Rós, E.S.T., Robert Wyatt, at others touching the monolithicity of Arvo Pärt, Stephan Micus or Steve Reich, and ultimately consolidating the sound of a invetive trio which resists easy categorization and based in the South of Europe refers to a universal sound.

The trio’s musicians collaborations include some of the best musicians in the field of world & jazz music: the late John Taylor, Erkan Oğur, Derya Turkan, Murat Aydemir, Ζohar Fresco Quartet, Ross Daly, Sokratis Sinopoulos, Zezo Olimpio and Efrén López amongst others.