Concerts next November in Geneve & Athens!

Next concerts coming up, next month!

As part of the Festival “Les Nuits du Labyrinth” we will travel with Milo Ke Mandarin Quartet to Geneve, to join a powerfull programing of two weekends with over 15 concerts and events with artists of Labyrinth coming from around the world! Check the festival’s programming here.

Then off to Athens for another collaboration with the Guitar/Cello Trio with Tabakis Giorgos and Stavros Parginos, as well as two days presenting our “No Time” cd with Magnanimus Trio

Last but not least i’ll participate in the concert/release album of dearest friend and co-musician from Crete/Athens Giorgos Papaioannou, namely “Anamesis”

4/11 Milo Ke Mandarini Quartet / Geneve – Festival Les Nuits du Labyrinthe
16/11 Barbas Tabakis Parginos / Athens –  The Zoo
17/11 Magnanimus Trio Live at Underflow / Athens
18/11 Magnanimus Trio Live at Underflow / Athens
19/11 Giorgos Papaioannou, Anamesis, New Album Presentation

See you on the road 😉