Christos Barbas Ensemble

Christos Barbas Ensemble moves across genres touching jazz, minimalism, chamber music and improvisation, drawing from contemporary modal music, middle eastern rhythms and polyrhythms and Greek melodiousness, drawing inspiration from all those musical worlds but never being confined by any one of them. Alongside Ramon Prats on drums, Leonor Falcón Pasquali on violin, Sasha Agranov on cello, and Carla Gonzalez Ferrer on double bass, the εnsemble presents a fresh rendition of original compositions. All members of the group are extraordinary improvisers, bringing a vibrant liveliness to the music, while their classical background creates a refined clarity as well as exciting interplay in each concert.

Christos Barbas – Piano, Ney, Voice, Keys, Composition
Ramon Prats – Drums
Leonor Falcón Pasquali – Violín
Sasha Agranov – Violoncello
Carla Gonzalez Ferrer – Contrabass