Songs from the Mediterranean (2-days Workshop)


Centro Culturale Khatawat

10:00 AM

Another weekend seminar in Forli - Italy! This time about songs from Eastern Mediterranean and how to discover creativity through the voice!

The webpage of Khatawat, with the information in Italian.

Song and singing exists in nearly every know culture in our world. It is not only a musical art form, but also indeed a unique expression of being human that embodies basic concepts and notions about life, time, nature, society, as well as being a creative terrain where all these notions are stated and redefined.

In this workshop we will sing a lot, songs from places and cultures like Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey and around learning many different kinds: festive and lamenting songs, folk and classical, spiritual and ceremonial songs. All people interested should bring at least their voice to the workshop, as well as a musical instrument – in case they play one – as through singing we will have a chance to dive into the musical worlds of the Eastern part of Mediterranean, stressing links of differentness but also common links with Europe’s modal and folk musical traditions.

We will also work on improvisation and composition through instruments and voices learning how to create our own songs. Sight-reading is optional but not obligatory as one of the things we will work mostly is orality and memory

The workshop will be intensive (could we do it 8 hours per day, please?) and is directed to amauter & professional musicians, who would like to extend their knowledge on different music worlds, as well as non-musicians that sing or would like to sing, and also other artists / actors / dancers that would like to practice in the use of the voice as a creative tool!


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