Michalis Kouloumis – Sound of Ghent

Ghent, Belgium


8:00 PM

Mihalis Kouloumis - Sound of Ghent

Eminent violinist and composer Michalis Kouloumis presents music from his most recent album Displaced Dreams alongside new compositions he wrote during the lockdown.  Displaced Dreams searches for our shared humanity. It tells the story of people fleeing their homeland because of war, unbearable hardship, oppression and poverty, desperately pursuing their dreams in search of a safe new land. Michalis Kouloumis was born in Cyprus in a musical family. His music contains elements from Ottoman classical music as well as from different musical traditions of the Eastern Mediterranean (Arabic, Turkish and Greek). Along with four acclaimed musicians –Efren Lopez, Christos Barbas, Nikos Avgoustides and Ruven Ruppik – he dedicates this concert to all people who fight for their survival a better life.

Line Up:
Efren Lopez (Spain) – oud, baglama, lute, rabab
Christos Barbas (Spain / Greece) – ney, piano
Nikos Avgoustides  (Netherlands / Greece) – double bass
Ruven Ruppik (Netherlands / Germany) – riq, bendir, cajon, cymbals, udu
Michalis Kouloumis (Cyprus / Netherlands) – violin, viola, vocals

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