Improvisation in Modal Music

Barcelona, Spain

Ca l Oms - Sant Celoni

11:00 AM

An intensive 2 days seminar, on improvisation in Modal Music.

Focusing on the practice and idea of improvisation in music from Greece and Turkey we will connect also with the practice of improvisation in other styles of music.

Experimenting and investigating with themes like: memory, imitation, variation, time and silence, participants in this seminar will have the chance to work and expand their ability in improvisation, also working with recordings of improvised music (through listening, transcribing etc)

This seminar is open to all musicians playing an instrument that can play microtonal scales (ney, violin, cello, oud, kanun, singing etc) or another instrument, but they are eager to get to know better about improvisacion in Modal Music. See spanish text (pdf) Seminario de improvisación en musica modal for more details or contact Tel: (0034) 697 33 95 91.

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Barcelona, Spain