Week Seminar: The instrument as a voice

Houdetsi, Greece

Labyrinth Musical Workshop

9:30 AM

For a second year i’ll be giving a weekly intensive seminar in Labyrinth Musical Workshop in Greece/Crete called: The instrument as a voice, inspired by music of the ney originally, but in a theme that is so broad that is difficult to explain in a few words 🙂 melody, the voice and the idea behind “singing” which can be relevant, well for any music actually… In the sense that before ‘playing’ any music we have to ‘imagine’ it first… Sing, yes?

Well, yes or no, last year we had an amazing time with the class, singing, playing and studying a lot, all of the students made some wonderful compositions which we were lucky enough to present in a concert with the participation of Ross & Kelly, Giorgos Papaioannou and Efren Lopez. Looking forward to this year’s seminar also!

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Houdetsi, Greece