Happy Winter Solstice to everyone! To end this year (2020) and start the new one with music, i am sharing here a new recording with four Neys i recently made for the piece of Dominik Borucki & Plácida Pajares Fernández “Los Detectives de la Irrealidad”, a wonderful and intriguing work that moves through different genres, but most adequately would be characterized maybe as contemporary dance & theater. “Los detectives” is dedicated to, and inspired by, Andrei Tarkovsky’s “Solaris”, so it was only fitting to accompany the music with images from this masterpiece of his.

The title “Become” is inspired by the work of composer John Luther Adams “Become Ocean”, part of his “Become Trilogy” (thanks Peppe Frana for the suggestion!) where a whole orchestra performs a 40+ minutes work where very few things happen – seemingly – but the effect is enormous, so there you go, a suggestion for a 40 minutes listening session can be a nice break to the 10 seconds attention span we normally give to music 😃.

Actually here, “Become” is Become pt II, the second part of a 12 minutes piece which i am planning on releasing later on. Many thanks to Efrén López Sanz for mixing the music and putting up with some many neys at one time! Keep safe, keep healthy and in the dark of the winter, look for the warmth & light inside and outside 😉