We have come from the sea and we’ ll keep on coming


Concept: Korina Vasiliadou, Charis Pehlivanidis

Direction: Korina Vasiliadou
Video Mapping, Lighting Design, Visual Art: Stathis Mitsios
Scenography, Dress Design: Zoi Molivda-Fameli


Ioanna Mitsika, Elena Moudiri-Hasiotou, Charis Pehlivanidis,
Popi Sphika, Dimitris Sotiriou, Georgia Tenta, Marianthi Psomataki


Ziad Rajaba: Oud
Christos Barbas: Ney


The show “Passage” is part of the celebrations for the 100 years since the liberation of Thessaloniki organized by the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Thessaloniki and “Thessaloniki 1912-2012”. Artists from different backgrounds meet and create a dance theater performance in which dance, live music and theater coexist. Modern dance works with together with speech, the performers are testing the limits of expression through movement and sound, music and songs are invading the space.
On the occasion of one hundred years, the show illuminates the role of Thessaloniki as a reception center for people from different lands and tells the story as written by those who came to it in the last one hundred years. Alongside the story of refugees, unfolds a story of pilgrimage. The trek of refugees to a new place unfolds along with the pilgrimage of the faithful to a Holy Place. Seven refugees-pilgrims arrive Yeni Tzami (Mosque) and through their way to prayer, they tell everyone their own story.



17-18.12.2012 Yeni Tzami
Thessaloniki – Greece


  1. Ney - Voices Improvisation 10:24