Live Video w/ Michalis Kouloumis Quintet

Happy to see online a part of our streamed concert with Michalis Kouloumis Quintet at De Centrale some days ago in Ghent / Belgium! Here play play “Traces of Civilization”, Such amazing musicians and such a delight for me to be able to play the piano & ney at the same project!


Michalis Kouloumis – violin, composition
Efrén López – cretan lute
Christos Barbas – piano
Nikos Avgoustidis – double bass
Ruven Ruppik – percussion, drums
Recording: Maxim van Meerhaeghe
Mixing: Efren Lopez
Film Direction: Shalan Alhamwy
Cameras: Keder Ali, Ashti Malki, Shalan Alhamwy
Special thanks to Jos Lootens for the production!